Helpful Tips On Stair Nosings

Many people often neglect the installation of stair nosings and consider them as a waste of money with having no utility. The thinking of many people is wrong in this case as nosing is not only a way of enhancing the appeal of the stairs but also an important feature the safety point of view.  Nosings are basically installed on the edge of the stairs where most of the foot falls.  They increase traction and prevent the chances of any major accident which can happen because of slipping or tripping. Apart from the safety point of view, such kind of system is also efficient in protecting your stair case. The make the edges of your stair stronger and protects them from damages.

Who uses Stair Edgings or Stair Nosing?

Stair edgings can be used by anyone, but they are most commonly used in places where the traffic on the stairs is quite frequent. Places like schools, colleges, hospitals, movie theaters, stadiums etc are places where they need to be used. Nowadays nosing systems are also used in residential purposes to prevent any unfortunate slipping for falling.

Materials Used To Manufacture Stair Nosings
Stair Nosings
Nosing’s are made up of different materials i.e. hardwood, aluminum, rubber, brass, fiberglass etc.  Due to its long life and durability, aluminum nosings are mostly used in hospitals, stadiums and educational institutions. Hardwood nosing is most commonly used in houses as they are more appealing to the eye. Hotel lobbies where everything is spick and span opt for nosing made up of brass in order to match their interiors.  Because of the many advantages that it offers, fiber glass is gaining more popularity day by day. Fiber glass nosing are a modern-day material that offers numerous benefits when compared to nosing made up of aluminum and steel. Some of the benefits of fiber glass nosing’s are outlined below:

Light Weight: Conventional materials like steel, aluminum, hardwood etc are heavy when compared to fiber glass and therefore it becomes difficult to lift and install it at the workplace. Fiber being light weight is also easier to transport it from one place to another.

Extensively Robust: The best part of this material is that it is extremely robust as steel and aluminum. Fiber glass material is unlikely to chip or break even in extreme wear and tear as it is very strong and also durable in the long run.

Anti-Slip: Basically, the main purpose of stair nosings made from any material is to be slip resistant. But, as fiberglass is extremely robust, reliable and durable it is the most suitable for this purpose. It enhances the grip thus prevents the users from slipping or falling.

Selecting the best company providing stair edging for your use
Stair Nosings
Before selecting any company for the installation of stair nosings, ascertain their specialization i.e. whether they specialize in residential, commercial or industrial. Make sure that the company you select can fulfill your needs and requirement.

If you are installing the nosing in the area which is subjected to get wet or is more prone to extreme temperatures, do not hesitate to ask the manufacturer whether their nosing can withstand such conditions or not.  Also, you can ask for quotations from different vendors.  As the market is competitive you are subjected to get competitive rates. This helps you to compare the rates and the services offered by them, thus making it easy for you to select the right vendor.

Stair nosings are a life savior as it prevents people from slipping from the stairs and prevents damages to the body.  Try using both the stairs which are with nosing and without nosing if you have a doubt about their worthiness.  In doing so, you can certainly feel the difference. 
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