Top Quality Egyptian Tattoos Based on Ancient Egyptian Culture

Top quality Egyptian tattoos are always in demand because of their intriguing designs and unique looks. After all, Egypt is a land of ancient times and great mysteries. Those Egyptian symbols and hieroglyphs find an essential place in Egyptian tattoos. There is an enigma regarding Egyptian tattoos that make them very popular.  There is no denying if those unique designs make an exclusive option in modern times.

Different Egyptian Tattoos and Their Meanings

The top-quality Egyptian tattoos are based on certain symbols, hieroglyphs and signs and each of these carried a special meaning. Thus, for all those interested in Egyptian tattoos, it makes sense to get familiar with these symbols and signs and understand their meaning.

Egyptian tattoos
Egyptian tattoos
  • The Ankh – The beautiful symbol means the key of life and the symbol was commonly used in the ancient Egyptian civilization where it stood for river and life.
  • The Sphinx – The mystical character of the lion body with the head of a pharaoh holds a great significance. The Sphinx design is on top quality Egyptian tattoos and is a symbol of power and courage.
  • The Udjat- The Udjat symbol features a beautiful eye and is commonly seen in Egyptian tattoo. Popular among women, it is also known as the eye of Horus, the god whose eye was destroyed by the evil god Set. The tattoo carrying the Udjat symbol stands for prosperity, wisdom, and protection.
  • Hieroglyphics- Hieroglyphics is common in the most seasoned and top-quality Egyptian tattoos. They are looked upon to be stylish and captivating by the modern generation because of their specific quality of riddle. It can take hours for the researchers to understand the meaning of hieroglyphics.
  • The Shen – Another popular symbol is the Shen, which looks like a loop. The symbol has neither beginning nor an end, and when combined with other signs and symbols, it can take on new looks and meanings.
  • The Primordial Hill- The slop of the primordial hill shows two arrangements of steps and reflects upon the most noteworthy compositional wonder of Egypt. The primordial slope can be included in a part of a scene and is popularly seen in Egyptian tattoo designs.
  • The Pharaoh- Pharoah was the ruler of ancient Egypt, and now one of the top-quality Egyptian tattoos is the pharaohs. When they died, their bodies were mummified and gilded. The pharaohs can be seen commonly in Egyptian paintings and art and are popularly used in the tattoo designs today.
  • The Phoenix - The Phoenix is a legendary Egyptian creature, and its usage in the top-quality Egyptian tattoos is seen as a symbol of resurrection and the power to conquer. Numerous tattoo enthusiasts prefer to have the tattoo on the upper arm or on the back because of the spread-out phoenix design.
Egyptian tattoos
Egyptian tattoos
  • Egyptian Gods – While the Egyptian gods may not be many, the hold great significance in the history of Egypt and for the historians. Ra god is the oldest and the most powerful. The top-quality Egyptian tattoos based on Egyptian gods are very intricate and colorful and can be customized to express whatever you want. A tattoo expresses the inner connection between you and the Egyptian god. 
  • Egyptian Cats - Egyptian cats hold great importance in the civilization, and it is no surprise to see them find a place in various tattoos. These cats with peculiar features look best when one in black with golden color. These tattoos stand out because of their rich combination and unusual looks.
The above is just a few of the vast range of Egyptian tattoos that are often made of different signs and symbols. Look for the right combination to carve out a unique tattoo with a different meaning altogether!

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