A Guide To Roof Anchor Points

Working at heights is a really very complicated task as well as quite risky too. But roof anchor points have made the whole task easy. There are many accidents that have been occurring due to falling from the heights while working at heights.

Whenever you have a project of building in which you need to work at heights, roof anchor points are necessary to provide safety to you and to your workers.

It is your responsibility to provide proper safety to your employees who are working on your project. Choosing the right type of anchor points for a particular type of project is not an easy task. You can’t take it lightly as to which roof anchor points will offer complete safety to you as well as to your employees.

Roof Safety

What Are Roof Anchor Points?

A roof anchor point is used to provide safety to workers who need to work at heights.

There are two types of the roof anchor points, temporary and the second one is the permanent roof anchor points.

When a roof anchor point is installed correctly then there are zero per cent chances of accidents and that is why these anchor points are considered as number one fall protection system.

Different Types Of The Fall Protection System:

1. Fall Arrest System

A fall arrest system is specially designed for workers who may fall from heights. This fall arrest system can catch the person from mid air while he/she is falling from a height. This fall arrest system saves the life of the worker and averts a big accident.

2. Rope Access System

The rope access system is used when the worker has to work in unfavorable conditions. The rope has a seat which is suspended in the air to help workers work at a height at large building.

3. Roof Anchor System

While the size of the standard rood anchor system is really very small but this equipment has the capacity to handle 1000 lbs of weight. A roof anchor point is quite easy to install and there are a plethora of advantages that it offers.

Don’t get fooled by the size because regardless of the size, roof anchor points can provide safety when the workers need to work at heights.

Even though the advantages of roof anchor points are unlimited but these are a cost effective solution and are really affordable.

Roof Anchor Points

What Are The Various Advantages Of Roof Anchor Points?

1. Durability

The roof anchor points are made up of different materials but most of these offer durability to its users.  These are ideal for the non-slip walk zones and offer hundred per cent security from accidents.

2. Easy to Install

While the roof anchor systems are quite easy to install but still you should not install these by yourself. You should call a professional to install it because if it is installed perfectly then there are no any chances of fall. That is why these are considered as the number one fall protection system and are used widely by all the companies that need to work on big projects.

3. Capacity

The roof anchor points offer the capacity to handle weight up to 5000 lbs so one does not need to worry about the capacity. While the size of these may be smaller but they are made up of strong material that explains its high capacity. 

4. Affordable Solution

Besides all these advantages, the roof anchor points are an affordable solution to provide safety to your workers. Most of the roof anchor points are also non-corrosive. Their durability, however, depends on the type of the material used.
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