Regular Car Service for Economical Driving

Buying a car is one thing and maintaining it is another. So, when it comes to the properly maintaining a car, not only the technicalities but also taking proper care of the car needs consideration. Always keeping the car in good, dirt free and clean shape should be the next priority. So, a regular car service becomes as important as maintaining the other technicalities of it. Now the question is where to find the affordable car services and what things to consider when choosing car services.
Car Servicing
Car Servicing
There is no such car that is 100% perfect all the time. A little investment in routine service is advisable. Car service reduces the chances of accidents. It also keeps the car in order for longer period of time and you can drive your car smoothly. This automatically reduces the repair cost of the car in years to come. To ensure that you are going for an affordable car service, first of all check and compare prices and find the best deal that suits you. Try to look for a garage who won't charge you until the work is complete. But make sure that mechanics who are there are experts in their skills.

Mechanics must have experience in handling different car models and should be able to detect major and minor issues with equal efficiency and also repairs them. Look for someone who has a good reputation in car servicing, repairing and can do servicing of brakes, shock absorbers, exhaust and muffler etc.

# How to Find Affordable Car Service Providers?

  • Ask your neighbors and friends for recommendations on mechanics and garage and their experience with them. It can save lot of your time and energy
  • Try to research on internet. These days online booking for car service is also available that that saves your time and money. You can locate the nearest local dealer or factory dealer who provides an affordable car service. Various forums discuss the good and bad about these service providers. You can read reviews and use your own judgment to decide what will be best for your car.
  • One can also ensure that dealer is authorized and has a good past record.
  • Never hesitate while talking with the service provider. You can make call before visiting and enquire about any query you have. Ask them if they specialize in specific car types or services.
  • Make sure that parts used by them are of good quality and enquire about the warranty of those products and what guarantee do they provide. A manufacturer usually provides a warranty for certain number of checks to make the car run safely. One must adhere to the schedule as long as the car is under manufacturer service.

# Services Included

Services differ from air conditioning, battery, clutch, catalytic converter, exhaust, brakes to body and cosmetic repairs. The cost of service may vary depending on the service provider, car model, car age etc.
Car Service
Car Service

# Types of Services

  • Basic Service - It includes oil and filter change and visual inspection. Brakes are checked and fluids requirements of the engine are seen and fulfilled. Manufacturer guidelines must be followed.
  • Full Service - This includes basic service plus the 15-30 checks of car components.
  • Major Service - This will include changing spark plugs or fuel filters apart from other services.
Depending upon the mileage one can decide that how often he should get his car servicing. A low mileage car usually requires servicing once a year. A regular service and maintenance can help you run your car at a minimum cost.
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