Top 3 Popular Types for Commercial Air Conditioning System

Nowadays, almost every small and mid sized offices, shops, and cafes feature commercial air conditioning systems. Initially, the commercial AC systems were limited to large office buildings or shopping malls. But now, the cost of the AC system and its installation has come down with the passage of time. So, more and more commercial property owners are being able to choose an air conditioning system as per their needs. Moreover, with the advancement of technology, different types of air conditioning systems have come up in the market, featuring different cooling and heating capacities.

In case, you are looking to get a commercial AC system installed at your property, there are a few things you need to know beforehand. Knowing about the main categories of commercial air conditioners can help you pick the most apt option according to your business needs.
Commercial Air Conditioning System
Commercial Air Conditioning System

Types of Commercial Air Conditioning Systems to Choose From

#1. Single Split System Air Conditioning

These air conditioning systems are highly suitable for small commercial spaces, such as cafes, small restaurants, shops, server rooms, etc. Single splits AC's can provide heating and cooling effects as well. You can also consider them for larger commercial spaces as well as multiple rooms. Like we know, in this kind of AC system, every indoor unit comes with an outdoor unit. So, the only demerit of this kind of air conditioning system is that you need ample amount of external space in order to install the outdoor unit.

If your budget is not a big one, in that case split system is definitely the most apt option for your commercial needs. Central air conditioning system can make a hole in your wallet. If one split air conditioner stops working, there is no need to worry about the rest. Moreover, the energy efficiency associated with these air conditioners can also help you save good amount of money in the long run.

#2. Multi Split Air Conditioning

In this kind of commercial AC system, one outdoor unit handles numerous indoor units. To be more specific, the number of indoor units can remain up to nine. The basic working of a multi-split air conditioning system is same as that of a single split one. One can consider it for mid-sized restaurants, doctor’s chambers, offices, and large grocery stores. This kind of AC system really helps in dealing with lack of space, since one outdoor unit can handle up to nine indoor units. In addition, fewer numbers of outdoor units also helps in preserving the appearance of your building’s external part. One more advantage you get with the multi split AC system is that the outdoor unit is capable of handling any combination of indoor ac units, such as wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, etc. Without any doubt, the installation process associated with multi split AC system is much more complex when compared to the single split one. Hence, you need to hire an experienced and skilled professional for the installation.

#3. VRV or VRF Air Conditioning

Variable refrigerant volume is the full form of VRV, whereas the full form of VRF is variable refrigerant flow. As a matter of fact, there is no technical difference between them. More commonly known as VRF, this AC technology is the most apt solution for midsize to large commercial spaces, such as hotels, mails, retail spaces, etc. VRF as a commercial air conditioning system is highly efficient, extremely powerful, and is quite easy to manage as well.

So, those were the three major types of air conditioning systems available for commercial purpose. You should choose the right supplier for the best results.
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