Different Types of Blinds Available in Market - Choose Right One

The apt window treatments can improve not only the looks of a home but can also make a difference to the feel. Once you have decided to opt for blinds instead of curtains you need to decide on the type of blinds to be chosen. There are different styles, materials and designs available in these blinds and ensuring you are making the right choice needs specific factors to be considered. Blinds offer the required privacy and also help you in controlling the light entering your home. You can choose from the Roman, the roller or the Venetian blinds depending on the interior of your home, and depending on the price that you want to pay for them.


#1 The Specific Room:

Different rooms require different blinds. A living room can look elegant and beautiful if you opt for the Timber Venetian blinds. Talking about the bedroom, you can think of opting for the fabric blinds.  Bathrooms and kitchen blinds need to be water resistant and easy to clean as these areas tend to be exposed to water and grime.

#2. Functionality of the Room:

A casual look in a bedroom is apt and thus you can look for blinds, which are ideal for this setup. Formal blinds tend to work well in the living room or the dining room. You can think of investing a bit more in these blinds.

#3. Privacy and Light:

Decide on the amount of light you require in a specific room before making a choice of the blinds. Most blinds available give you the freedom to control the light. Privacy is another factor to keep in mind before making a choice. High quality PVC or wooden blinds are ideal for those homes, which are situated just adjacent to the main road. You can choose both the manual or the automated blinds for your home or office. If you want to regulate lights, then the café blinds made of PVC are also ideal for your commercial set-up.

Types of Blinds: Choose the Right Blinds

Blinds for Home

You have a choice of different types of blinds. Some information on this can help you make the right choice.

  • Vertical Blinds: These blinds are designed in a similar manner as the Venetian blinds. These offer a pulling system which is vertical instead of horizontal. These blinds tend to accumulate less of dust. Vertical blinds are an ideal choice for large windows or patio doors.
  • Mini Blinds: This is one type of a Venetian blind but of a smaller size. The slats in these blinds tend to be more sleek and small.  This can enhance the looks of small windows or the large windows, which are clustered.
  • Roller Blinds: As these blinds are designed in one piece, they are ideal for those rooms where you need to block out the light. Operation is with the help of a side chain or probably a mechanism of spring. You have the option of letting total light enter your room or even block it out completely with the roller blinds.
  • Venetian Blinds: Venetian blinds are most common in most houses. These tend to be ideal for any style of the window and blend well with most decors.  The slats in these blinds are placed horizontally and can be operated with the help of strings. You have a choice between the metal, plastic or wooden slats.

For any further information on blinds, you can log on to the different websites offering these. You can shop for these easily from the comfort of your home without taking the trouble of visiting multiple shops for the different styles and designs.  Compare the prices of the different online stores before you make a choice. This might help you in saving some money.

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