Simple Maintenance Tips to Keep Daikin Air Conditioners in Best Condition

The worst thing that can happen to you is an emergency breakdown of the air conditioner when you need it the most during the summers. To avoid such a frustrating and troublesome situation, you need to carry out proper maintenance activities on your Daikin Air conditioner units. Periodic maintenance and servicing of the Daikin air conditioners will not only save you from the untimely breakdown of the units, but have other benefits as well.
Daikin Air Conditioners
Daikin Air Conditioners

The Benefits of Timely Maintenance

If you ask anybody, why should you carry out maintenance and servicing of your Daikin air conditioner? The unanimous answer is that it would ensure that the unit stays in the best condition. It provides you cool temperature when the mercury level rises outside. However, apart from this, there are certainly other reasons as well, which should inspire you to carry out maintenance activities regularly on your Daikin air conditioner.

These Reasons Are:

  • It gives cleaner and cooler air in a comparatively shorter time duration
  • It leads to less consumption of electricity, which is a direct saving on the energy bills
  • It reduces the maintenance costs in the longer run
Now, that you are aware of the reasons for servicing the Daikin air conditioner unit, you would certainly want to know what needs to be done on this.

Clean the Filters

This is the most important and effective maintenance activity to carry out. Clean the filter of the Daikin air conditioner every fortnight. So that, it lets the air conditioner operate in the most energy efficient manner. If the unit has an automatic filter-cleaning feature, all you need to do is to press the button. In case, it does not have it, you will have to take the pain and clean the filters manually. The cleaning process is simple and easy to do.
  • Take the filter out of the unit carefully
  • Use a vacuum cleaner and remove the dust from the filter
  • If the filter is heavily coated with the dust, use warm water with a little natural detergent and clean the filter carefully
  • Dry the filter and put it back inside the unit
While cleaning the filter, you need to ensure that the water you are using is not hot and the filter is not exposed to direct sunlight while drying.

Clean the Cooling Fan

Another important maintenance activity for Daikin air conditioners is cleaning the cooling fan or the heat exchanger. You need to ensure that as summer begins, the cooling fan at the back of the air conditioner unit is clean and free of any dirt. If there is any visible dirt, you can try to remove it by dusting it off or you can contact a professional servicing company, authorized to carry out maintenance activities on Daikin air conditioners.
Daikin Air Conditioning Servicing
Daikin Air Conditioning Servicing

Maintaining the Exterior Unit

While the above-mentioned measures are for maintaining the indoor unit of the Daikin air conditioners, there are certain activities required for the outdoor units, as well. Carry out the following steps for the maintenance of the outdoor unit.
  • Use a soft cloth and clean the air outlet properly
  • In case of soil or dirt deposition, use little amount of natural detergent and clean it using the same
  • Remove the front panel of the unit and wash it with lukewarm water
To get the best cooling results at minimum energy consumption, you need to ensure to carry out these activities before the air conditioner is in use during the summer time. If you feel confident about doing these things, you can do them on your own or contact an authorized servicing company to get the maintenance activity done in the most affordable and effective manner.
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