Benefits of Blinds and How to Pick the Right Type

If you are planning to give a totally new window treatment to your home or office, then blinds might be the best option before you. These are lightweight in nature, can be custom designed to be attached to windows and doors of all sizes and shapes and are available in a variety of colours and designs. However, as there are so many choices available that you might get overwhelmed to pick the right one. Here is a list of some of the most popular types of blinds to help you make the right choice:
Blinds Installation


How Much Light Do You Want to Let In?

Depending on how much control you want to have on the light entering the room, you can choose between blackout blinds or light-filtering shades. As the name suggests, light-filtering blinds allow a comfortable and refreshing amount of light to enter the room. These are great for dining rooms, kitchens or the living room. On the other hand blackout blinds completely cut off the light entering the room through the window. These are preferred for bedrooms so that you can sleep in peace or close the blinds all the way to watch a movie in bed peacefully and enjoy the privacy. Blackout blinds are also used by home owners, to enhance privacy, who live close to roads or have homes close to each other. If you plan on installing affordable blinds with a different look, you might want to skip the popular horizontal blinds and go for vertical blinds in which the slats are placed vertically.


Types of Blinds According to the Material

Apart from the shape, blinds are also available in different materials. Although there are several different types of materials used to make blinds, the following three are the most popular:

#1. Aluminium blinds have made a name for themselves owing to their sleek texture and appearance. They are highly durable and give you complete control over how much light you want to let in.

#2. The honeycomb blinds get there name from the shape created when viewed from the side. These are made from lightweight cloth-like fabric, which is solid and durable.

Roman shades are made out of slightly thicker cloth which is arranged in an accordion fold fashion. Some of these are convenient to clean and can be washed in the machine.

#4. There are a large variety of wooden blinds available as well. These have a classic feel and look great with wooden interiors.

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Why is Blinds Useful?

This might seem like a moot question but there are many reasons other than the conventional ones why installing affordable blinds can be useful. You must already know that blinds allow you to regulate how much light enters a room but it does much more than just that.
  • Blinds can also be closed or open depending on how much wind you want to blow in. If you want strong winds, you can either open the slats or even pull the blinds to the side in case of vertical blinds or pull up in case of horizontal blinds. This gives you the freedom to have a fully open window if you desire.
  • As the blinds have some space between the two slats, completely closing the blinds will not cut off the air circulation completely and allow a light breeze into the room.
  • Closing the blinds partially will prevent the room from becoming stuffy while keeping the strong sunlight and dust from blowing in.
There are different types of blinds available in the market, so much so that you can get saturated and confused. Before setting out to pick your blinds, make sure that you have a budget in mind. Since there are so many amazing choices available you might lose track of how much you wanted to spend. While you must leave some wiggle room in case the approximate cost in your mind falls short, sticking to your budget is important. If you know where to look, you might be able to get the blinds of your choice at a reasonable rate.
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