What Are the Differences Between Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurant?

Although the terms ‘vegetarian’ and ‘vegan’ are used interchangeably, there is major difference between the two dietary choices. When you dine out and choose a vegetarian or a vegan restaurant, your choice can make a great difference to your dining experience. The major difference between Vegetarian & Vegan restaurant is that the former serves you only vegetarian food but allows the use of eggs and dairy products but the latter one is different. A vegan restaurant may appear like a vegetarian restaurant but it has a difference. A vegan restaurant serves you food which uses no animal and dairy products, no honey and no eggs.
To make a perfect choice of restaurant for a good dining experience, you need to set your line what you want to eat. There are many who call themselves vegetarians but do not eat eggs. On the other hand, there are many who eat dairy products but think themselves to be vegans. Only when you do not eat dairy products, you are a vegan. Your restaurant choice must be based on the dietary category which you fall.

How to Choose a Perfect Restaurant?

A good restaurant is the one which does not require you to make any substitution to fit your diet. So, choose an entrée requiring no substitution to enjoy the mouth-watering delicacies. It must have the set of chefs designing entrees to combine the various flavors of his selected ingredients. It is easier to find a vegan restaurant when compared to the vegetarian one. Most of the meatless restaurants will avoid the use of dairy products and thus base their dishes on meat substitutions and plant based items. But, in a vegetarian restaurant, you will find several options in the menu that use egg and dairy products. In fact, eggs and dairy items will be used profusely. In a vegetarian restaurant, meat substitution will be common which is typical of a vegan restaurant. It will offer you various options in egg and dairy items.

Which Restaurant to Choose?

It is good to choose a vegetarian restaurant if you are a vegetarian. If you do not like the taste of tempeh or tofu, you can enjoy egg or cheese entrée foods. Even if you are a vegan, trying to avoid eggs and dairy products, you will have many egg and dairy-free options in the vegetarian restaurant. Such items will obviously fit your needs. A vegetarian restaurant, much unlike a vegan restaurant, will offer both vegetarian and vegan items and lets you enjoy a wide variety of items. There will be separate entrees for different tastes. A popular restaurant serving vegetarian food can serve you both traditional omelet and tofu omelet. Both items will have their unique blend of spices. But, you must be choosy about the restaurant. If you are a vegan and go strictly for a vegan restaurant only, you will enjoy the meal which is designed to suit your dietary habits. There are combination restaurants also that serve several substitution items in vegetarian choices. So, if you do not want to choose a vegan restaurant and are tired of eating same kind of food, go for a substitution restaurant to try out new items.
Vegan Restaurant
Vegan Restaurant

Combination Vegan Restaurants Are Equally Good

The combination of vegan and vegetarian restaurant is good choice if you are dining with your friends. So, you and your friends can get both vegan and vegetarian items under the same roof. It hardly matters if your friend belongs to another category. You enjoy greater convenience when you can eat a tofu sandwich while your friend may order an egg sandwich.
From the above section, there are very subtle differences between vegetarian & vegan restaurant. To satisfy your dining experience, you need to choose the restaurant carefully.
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