What to Choose for Carpet Installation? DIY or Professionals

DIY Carpet Installation or Professional Carpet Layers? This is a real puzzler when you don’t know what you are dealing with. Before you choose between calling in professional carpet layers or taking up a DIY project of the carpet installation of your home, you need to know the advantages and the risks of DIY carpet installation.
  • The first and most prominent advantage is that DIY carpet installation saves you a lot of money as the usual costs of installation, labor and old carpet removal will be eliminated and that’s the whole point of going DIY, isn’t it?
  • Another great advantage is the timing of the job. Choosing when to start is entirely up to you. Instead of waiting for the installation window most organizations give you, you can begin the job whenever you wish and work at your own pace.
  • Installing the carpet, yourself means you are completely in charge of the quality. You don’t have to worry about workers messing up your house or not doing the work properly. You surely would do the job with a lot more dedication than those workers.
  • The workers rarely do the complete work. They don’t respect your space enough to leave the house clean by clearing up all the mess they made. Also, this is an unsafe world and you may be paranoid about letting complete strangers into your house. In DIY, you need to worry about none of these menaces.
But, Before Jumping to Conclusions, Look At The Upside Of Hiring Professional Carpet Layers As Well:
Carpet Installation
Carpet Installation
  • Professional carpet layers are pros and can do the job way faster than you can do it yourself. Also, as they know how to go about with the job, they make almost no mistakes in the task and the job is smoothly completed.
  • Secondly, there are a number of people working together and that gets the job done faster than it will be if you do it all alone.
  • You get a peace of mind while getting it done with the professionals because they may have a warranty on their labor and installation. The warranty of the carpet is void once it has been laid. So, if you mess it up, then you would lose all the money you invested in buying the carpet. This won’t happen if you get professional carpet layers to do the job as they provide their own warranty.
  • Professional carpet layers know how to install carpet padding, how to use all the specialty tools and how to cut the carpet for each space and everything else that is needed to be known for carpet installation. They know how much your baseboards will affect the carpet installation. Professionals will be able to give you a flawless installation with seams pushed together and provide you the after service because carpet care is what they do best. All this is not on the list if you do the carpet installation yourself.
When to Choose DIY Carpet Installation?
Carpet Layers
Carpet Layers
    • When you have only one room needing carpet installation. 
    • When you are sure that the sub flooring is not damaged or uneven in any way. 
    • You have the basic idea on how to use the specialty tools. 
    • There are no irregularities in the room like a high number cooling or heating vents or stairs or a stepped flooring. 
    • Above all, the carpet warranty does not insist on professional installation.
    If all the above criteria match and you feel confident regarding your DIY abilities, you can surely go ahead and start with a DIY carpet installation. But be sure that you are not a lazy person as DIY surely needs a lot of work to be done.
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