Top Mistakes People Make with Kitchen Designs

There is no doubt that a lot of planning and thought goes into kitchen designs. The very purpose of doing the same is to ensure that your kitchen operates with maximum functional aspects and minimizes your human labor. This pertains to everyday tasks that are carried out in the kitchens, which includes cooking, cleaning, etc. Hence, it is vital that you evaluate the plan carefully. Despite this thoughtful planning however, there are common mistakes that people tend to make here. These include-
Open Shelves

A lot of people love the concept of kitchen designs with open shelves. However, the question that you need to ask here is how viable or sustainable are they. Do you want that bottle of ketchup of to be on display? Or would you rather have a shut space where you can easily store away all your kitchens essentials and maximize the use of space. Another issue is that these open shelves tend to get a lot more dirty and messy as compared to the close ones.

Quick fix- Do opt for open shelves if you so desire but only for a limited space. This can include your spices or necessities that are accessible with ease.
kitchen design
kitchen design
Excessive Steel

Sure, steel is a rage when it comes to the latest kitchen designs but there is also something called excessive steel. There is no denying that wood is staple in all kitchens not because of its affordability but also because it provides a unique and rustic feel to the kitchen. Something that is necessary for any home be it modern or even classic. Honestly with everything made of steel like your microwave to your shelves and even the countertop, there is no warmth in the kitchen. All that you get is a cold feel. Something that you get from an industrial kitchen. So, though it may work for a commercial kitchen, it fails to create an impact on the domestic front.

Quick fix- Think about incorporating wood, bamboo and other softer materials here. You can also consider options for kitchen designs that use these elements.

Not Considering the Golden Triangle

A lot of people think that having their stove, sink and the refrigerator away from each other doesn’t quite create a problem. This is not a practical option. The golden triangle as these are termed together is called for a reason. Take things out of the refrigerator, clean and wash them and then cook them. Then wash dishes and back in the refrigerator. So, you end up saving so much time. On the other hand, if these are not closely located you simply waste time and energy.

Quick fix: Make sure that our kitchen design incorporates these at the right spacing.
kitchen designs
kitchen designs
Not Thinking Practically

Last but not the least, make sure that your designs are complimenting each other and the functionality of your kitchen. If space permits lay out food on the countertop. It is much easier to serve and cook with a family rather than laying out in a separate dining space. The very purpose of designing your kitchen should be practical usage where your entire family can cook and eat together. Simple changes like using granite countertops, keeping tools laid out in an organized way and ensuring sharp objects stay out of harms ways are simple tips here.

Quick fix - Check out a modular kitchen or ready kitchen to give you an estimate idea of how things would work. Then workout a kitchen design that is similar and suits your taste.
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