Features and Benefits of Medication Isolation Trolley

When it comes to medical storage and supply carts, medication isolation trolleys are utilized extensively in hospitals and healthcare centers. These are one of the very commonly used trolleys in hospitals. These are perfect for storing medications and medical equipment and can be easily moved as per the need. Healthcare centers are one place wherein there are huge number of patients who suffer from infectious diseases, and there are high chances of infection on a large scale. Healthcare centers take several measures so that these contagious diseases do not spread. One of such measures is taken in the form of procedure / medication isolation trolley. It is used as the regular medical cart for medical supply storage purpose, however it is coated with an antimicrobial paint, which destroys bacteria on contact. Therefore, it is unlikely that an isolation trolley could be spreading germs from one place to another.
Medication Isolation Trolley
Medication Isolation Trolley
Benefits of Medication Isolation Trolley
  • Medication isolation trolley is easy to clean and move from one place to the other. Shelves are non-porous and it prevents germs from spreading contagious disease. Medically approved disinfectant is used for cleaning so these carts are safe to work with.
  • They have sufficient storage space for medical supplies and medical waste as well. This is very important as far as contagion is concerned.
  • Medication isolation trolleys have locking system. This ensures the safety of medical supplies as well as patient's health information.
  • Safety of the staff members is one of the top priorities. Medication isolation trolleys can store disinfectant wipes and alcohol based hand rubs.
  • Isolation trolleys are made of steel or PVC materials. These are strong and durable.
Medication isolation trolley contains variety of medical supplies such as surgical equipment, drugs, gloves (both single-use and reusable), eye protection, medical masks, face shield, aprons, respirators, disinfectant wipes, plain soap, paper towels, disinfectant cleaning detergent, clinical waste bags, large plastic bags, and many more.

Important Tips to Manage the Medication Isolation Trolley

Following are some of the guidelines for maintaining medication isolation trolleys. This can surely help you to manage isolation trolleys in a best possible way.
Medication Trolley
Medication Trolley
  • Once you have bought medication isolation trolley, it is important that you are well informed about the management of these isolation trolleys. The most crucial thing is that you are aware of the placement of these trolleys. You should know that the trolley must be around two meters away from the patient's bed. You can take professional help to get more information about the trolley placement.
  • Always wash your hands prior to using these medication isolation trolleys. Thoroughly go through the instructions provided by the manufacturer before cleaning procedure / medication isolation trolley. It is recommended that cleaning should be done at least once a week. A special team should be designated to do this cleaning job.
  • To take the proper safety measures, it is necessary to make sure that enough medications and all the required equipment are stocked over the isolation trolley. Whenever some medications or attire is used from the isolation trolley, it should be recorded so that you can again fill the trolley with right supplies.
There are various types of isolation trolleys available in the market. Choosing commercially developed ones can be a best decision because they are enclosed with the manufacturer recommended instructions related to cleaning. You can do some online research about isolation trolleys, that will surely help you to buy the best trolleys. You can customize your procedure / medication isolation trolley with some specifications to meet your medical needs.
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