Buy Affordable Cranes for Your Next Project

Looking to buy a crane? If yes, and you have a commercial need for it then it is worth the investment. But if you are not looking at using it around the year, we recommend hiring cranes from companies that rent out cranes. Otherwise it is quite a bit of expenditure to maintain the vehicle, invest insurance for the vehicle etc.

Crane for Sale
Crane for Sale

There are plenty of cranes for various industrial needs. Some types are listed here.
  • Tower Crane: You need to realize that the tower crane is a modern form of balance crane. This is fixed to the ground or at times it is attached to the walls of the building or structure.  These cranes give the best combination of height and lifting capacity. These are used in the construction of tall buildings.
  • Vehicle Mounted Cranes: This one is mounted on a truck carrier. It provides the mobility for this type of crane.
  • Rough Terrain Crane:  For rough terrains a heavy-duty crane mounted on an undercarriage with four rubber tires is used. This is designed for pick-and-carry operations and for off-road and “rough terrain” applications.
  • Crawler Crane: Crawler is a crane mounted on an undercarriage along with a set of tracks or otherwise called as crawlers that provide stability and mobility. Crawler cranes has a lifting capacity from about 40 US tons to 3500 US tons.
  • Aerial Cranes: Helicopter designed cranes are called aerial crane or ‘Sky cranes. These are specifically designed to lift large loads. Helicopters are used when conventional cranes don’t suffice to do the job. Helicopter cranes are usually used to lift units/loads onto shopping centers and high-rises.
  • Floating Cranes Are Mobile Cranes Used in Construction: How does a bridge get constructed? How is the foundation laid? How is the material that needs for its construction shipped? Floating cranes are used for bridge building and port construction. They are also used for occasional loading and unloading of especially heavy loads on and off ships.
Crane Sale
Crane Sale

What should you know prior to purchasing a crane? Cranes are heavy duty machines and regular maintenance is needed. Here are some of the maintenance services that you should get done for your crane. This referred to as the health check up of cranes. This long list is a lot of responsibility and backs our recommendation to hire one if you don’t have a constant need of cranes.
  • Breakdown maintenance
  • Annual Maintenance
  • Periodic Preventive Maintenance
  • Predictive Maintenance.
  • checking of Crane Span,
  • Diagonal distortion of wheel extensions,
  • LT & CT Wheel Verticality & Skew,
  • Inspection of the Hook,
  • Checking of Gearboxes,
  • Checking of Wire Rope,
  • Check Drive alignment,
  • Checking of Couplings,
  • Checking the Status of motors,
  • Checking of brake and brake drum,
  • Check limit switches,
  • Checking of overload relays, 
  • Checking of contactors, cables and load bearing constructions.
  • Checking of Seat belts
  • Checking of Headlights
  • Checking of Tail lights
  • Checking of level variance of trolley rails
  • Checking of alignment and for dual girder cranes    
Once Purchased, You Must Have Resources for The Following Activities
  • Erection of cranes
  • On site fabrication of cranes
  • Structural Assembly of cranes
  • Disassemble and shifting of cranes
Identify the need for your business before you start looking. Where do you find one? Usually such industries are in the outskirts travelling to such long distance is a task by itself. There is an easy option though. Go on to the internet and search for Affordable cranes for sale you will find plenty of sellers. You can also check for the resale cranes. Here, people buy and sell their cranes and certification on the health of the cranes is also provided.
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