Use Innovative Ideas to Recreate the Magic of the Kitchen Design

Like bedroom, living room, kitchen is an integral part of every house. However, people tend to ignore this part of the home and emphasize on the beauty of the other areas. As a result, kitchen gradually loses its charm and starts to look dull. Kitchen should be maintained and decorated well since this is very much related with the health as food is prepared here and one should not compromise on the health of the family members. Moreover, in modern houses, it is often found that the dining room and the kitchen area share the same space so; this place can be used for chatting as well as gossiping apart from having food. Thus, extra care should be given on how to make the kitchen look attractive and efficient.

Kitchen Cabinets
Kitchen Cabinets

The designer kitchens and cabinets help in adding real beauty that perfectly suits the style of the home by implementing innovative storage concepts that help maximize space and improve the efficiency of the kitchen. Listed below are some of the points that one need to consider when planning redesigning the kitchen as well as cabinets:

  • Choose the kitchen cabinet type based on the requirement such as: stock cabinets, custom cabinets and semi-custom cabinets.
  • In order to give the kitchen a traditional look, opt for the framed or face-frame cabinetry and to provide the kitchen a modern and smart look one can opt for the frameless kitchen. Frameless cabinets have the benefit of more interior storage space; however, it is quite expensive compared to the framed ones.
  • Kitchen Design
    Kitchen Design
  • Place the cabinets overhead on right up to the ceiling and consider deep drawers with enough storage spaces.
  • Whether bespoke cabinet design or not, the primary use of any cabinetry is to conceal and keep the kitchen tidy.
  • Opt for lighter colored cabinets for smaller kitchens as it gives a feeling of extra space and openness.
  • Brighten up the kitchen space by using custom white kitchen cabinets by adding some light color to the walls. Use gentle tones and lighter colors, such as greens, blues or even reds as they can emphasize the new cabinetry and give the space a little bit of color if it looks too white.
  • Apart from focusing on the cabinets, one needs to focus on other important things in the kitchen which includes the floor type, wall paint, ceiling, the use of blinds, kitchen equipment etc.
  • Ensure that the sink, refrigerator and cooktop are placed in such a way that they form a triangle. There should be not more than 6 feet distance between each of these as this facilitates ease of movement.
  • Kitchen
  • The lights should be placed in such a way that they directly fall on the countertops.
  • While the appliance and cabinetry can stay simple, red, black, green, orange and all colors of the rainbow can be used for sinks. This gives a fun feeling environment inside the kitchen and will definitely impress the guests who come over to the kitchen.
  • The material and color of the counter tops should complement the cabinetry, walls and tiles. One can choose a kitchen countertop made from ceramic tile, wood, stainless steel or engineered stone.

Besides this, one can hire a Kitchen Designer for making the designer kitchens and cabinets as they know the ins and outs of kitchen design, and they will be able to help the customer understand how to work with the space that he or she already has.

So, contact a professional kitchen designer today to come up with a design that makes everyone happy and to recreate the magic of the kitchen.

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