Maintain Your Floor with Tips On Sanding and Polishing

What is floor sanding and polishing? Well, Floor sanding is a procedure that is used to remove the top surface of a wooden floor (such as timber, cork, particleboard) by sanding with abrasive materials, similar to how paint is removed from the surface before applying a fresh coat of paint. 
There are two approaches if you plan to get your floor polished.
  • Approach a professional
  • Do it Yourself like a professional
Approach A Professional:
There are several companies that offer these services where they start with the initial contract to project completion and much more. They offer a great customer service, choice, flexibility and importantly competitive rates.

You get an array of choices to ensure what you get from these services is what you had thought of.
These companies hire great friendly and humble resources with their years of experience in staining, liming and finishes be that water or solvent based polyurethanes etc. They offer you a choice of finishes to suit your every floor and lifestyle.

 What Can You Expect from These Services?
  • Smooth start and finish of the hob in a timely manner
  • Respectful, professional and well-trained or experienced professionals
  • Neat, clutter free, non-messy job.
  • Meet your expectations
  • End result as expected! A beautiful floor.
Floor Polishing
Floor Polishing
Many of these services are available on the internet or you can also check the yellow pages, talk to friends and get to know their contacts regarding the same. If you get satisfactory reviews, you can safely approach them.
The benefit of these online services is that you don’t need to meet them before starting or signing contract for the work. You can get online quotation for the work that you are looking at, the square feet/ square meters are an important thing that you need to mention correctly along with the type of flooring for you to get the best quote. This will help you to save on the time and also the running around. Choose a good time of the month or year as you must ensure the floor is not disturbed for 4 days post the project completion.
These companies go beyond this by explaining a lot of tips and tricks that will help you maintain the floor and increase the longevity of the flooring.
Now for the enterprising you – lets discuss some DIY flooring and sanding options.
Do It Yourself Like a Pro
You will find a 240v electric floor polisher in the market that can help you get the glossy, polished look.
Here is the step by step instruction for you to DIY.
  • Clearing the area of all furniture and coverings is one of the first important steps that you need to take.
  • If you find any loose boards, secure them with a nail gun.
  • Ensure the nails are all below the surface of the wood.
  • If you have any holes of defects on the flooring, apply wood filler and cure it before beginning the work
  • Cover and tape up all doorways and openings to other rooms or areas. This will ensure dust from outside or other rooms don’t infiltrate into the area we are talking about. 
Floor Sanding
Floor Sanding
Get Sanding
Is your floor old?
  • If so, we recommend you start with a coarse sanding paper and then use a medium or fine papers. 
  • Start by running the sander in both diagonal directions.
  • Then move along the grain of the wood.
  • Use a rotary orbital floor sander in the end for a professional-looking finish.
Use the vacuum cleaner as and when required as this will keep the area clean.  
That is all you have to do for a DIY floor sanding. If the first method makes you spend money, the second would strain you a bit on the back.
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