How to Find the Most Competent Car Mechanic in Your Locality?

Not everybody who visits a professional car mechanic’s shop for car maintenance and repair return with a smile of good customer experience. Whether you have hit another vehicle, your car screams and shrieks with creaking sound when driving, or alternatively, the dealership for your car is over, in all automobile circumstances you will be met by many options for improving the status of your car.


When it comes car repair and service, many automobile surveys show that consumers tend to have much higher level of satisfaction with individual car mechanic’s shops than with sly dealerships. Minor maintenance work or routine check-up won’t require you to go to dealership. Of course, if your car is still well within warranty period, you will have to resort to dealerships for certain serious repairs.

In all case of automobile repair and maintenance, it is a bit of a struggle to find a trusted professional car mechanic who can magically makes everything perfect for your car and leaves you with an awesome customer experience. You need to be more of an explorer and researcher to discover the best in car service. In the end, you will realize that there is no telling what makes a repair shop an ideal repair shop. However there are some clues that ends with finding a competent car mechanic in your locality. Here are some:

Reviews and Recommendations

You can meet some people in your circle who can have certain opinions about how and where to find a good car mechanic based on their personal experience. They will tell you how happy they are with their mechanics. If you can’t get someone who own the same car as you do, seeking online help will be your best shot. Go to special social media sites and refer to community forums that deal with automobile world.

Car Mechanic
Car Mechanic

You will find several dedicated car aficionado websites focused around the same vehicle model as you own. For instance, Angie’s list, Better Business Bureau, AAA (Approved Auto repair network) and are some of the names that can enlighten you on all you ever wanted to know about cars and car service specialists shop along with ratings and reviews. They provide you with a list of accredited auto repair shop network some of which offers specific repair warranty.

Make A Logical Questionnaire for Detailed Inquiry

If you want to know what exactly is wrong with your car, it is better to prepare a list of logical questions the professional car mechanic must answer. When you ask questions, it suggests you will not take anything for granted from the mechanic. If that mechanic prevaricates or bluffs with your questions with layman’s excuses, you can take a final call. Also check if they have all required latest equipment to fight the trouble with your car and ask them to explain how all tools work in real time.

Say No to Dealerships

As said earlier, unless your car is still under warranty period, you don’t need to opt for dealership for parts and maintenance labor since it may turn out to be more expensive. Go online and compare local services in your area as they provide significant quotes for particular repairs a specific car model needs.


Test the Credibility of a Professional Car Mechanic

On a day like this, you can take a stroll to a shop nearby even if you know there is nothing much wrong with your car. This is to see if the mechanic still offers serious repair suggestions and critical list of maintenance points. You can also have that professional car mechanic take over a small piece of routine service and maintenance such as brake check or oil change to determine their work ethics and quality.

Skills and Certifications

Checking the skills and certifications of car service shop or their staff is an essential part of testing their certified knowledge, experience and competency. Certifications clear the air and show how serious the shop and their mechanics are in their job. Certified training gives a good idea of the level of professionalism a professional car mechanic possesses. If they are certified, you can be assured that someone higher have approved the quality of their service standards. The ASE certification is one such proof of hands-on experience and expertise in automotive repairs and services.

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