Guide on 7 Motorcycle Accessories for Safe Riding

Riding a motorcycle can give you a high. Biking on a clear road free of obstructions, pushing over the speed limit and moving past people and objects with the wind hitting your face at high speeds is truly exhilarating. You would love to hit the road with your favorite bike and set off to experience the pleasures of the trip – where the journey is more important than the destination. However, safety is very important as your speedometer reads higher speed. Here is a guide on 7 motorcycle accessories you need to buy for safe riding.

Motorcycle Accessories
Motorcycle Accessories


You need to keep your head protected all the while you are on the road. In most states, you are legally bound to wear a helmet and safeguard yourself all the while you are riding. Not wearing one will invite legal penalties and fines, failing to which you can be arrested. Look for helmets with:

  • Enough foam padding
  • Removable liner
  • Anti-odor technology
  • Retractable sun visor
  • Moisture-absorbing layers

Those with anti-bacterial technology and moisture-absorbing layers are able to reduce the amount of sweating within the helmet, as well as bad odor formation. Helmets with superior liners are able to prevent blurring or stinging sensations in eyes and also help prevent unpleasant smells as a result of sweating.


When you ride at very high speeds or even at moderate speeds, you can have small foreign objects such as debris, dust etc. flying into your eyes. This can make you go off balance and get involved in a major accident. This can easily be prevented with a pair of goggles which protect your eyes from the sides and the front. There can mitigate risks of foreign particles getting into your eyes with such glasses to a great extent. Look for a superior pair, even if that means spending a few more dollars.


Knee pads

Motorcycle riders often suffer from skinned knees due to of the steep angle that they ride while travelling around bends or corners. With knee pads, you can keep your knees safe from abrasion and skinning. Injuries to the bones or joints can also be prevented. These are among the much ignored, although essential, motorcycle accessories.


Biking gloves are essential for every season – summer, monsoon or winter. You can avoid getting your hands burnt, wet or frozen due to riding out in the open, and keep your fingers and palm protected. There are times when your hands can get sweaty from long hours of riding and your grip on the clutch may slip as a result. With gloves, there is no skin contact of your palm and fingers with the clutches and no risks of slippage.

Motorcycle Jackets

These comprise of abrasion-resistant shells along with body armor that protects your body during a fall, such as the shoulders and the elbows. These are usually made of super-thick leather. This is made of breathable mesh materials which are light weight and there is enough filler to make the jackets more adjustable. Front zippers, Velcro and flaps make them complete.

Biker Boots

It is one of the most essential motorcycle accessories you can hardly do without. These come with a non-slip sole and firm toe box and offer real crash protection. These are stylish boots and most of these have advanced waterproof lining which keeps the feet comfy and dry while riding during monsoons. Stylish rubber accents are what you should look for, so that your boots are not only practical but fashionable.  Now, make heads turn. Ride in style!

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