5 Mistakes to Avoid When Your Bathroom Renovations and Design

Who doesn’t want to decorate their house and increase its value? The best way to do this is to redesign it with rare, brilliant interiors that will add beauty and elegance.

However, redoing your bathroom is different from dealing with other parts of your house. Thinking of fresh, trans formative bathroom renovation ideas and implementing them is a process that needs a good deal of your attention and detailed research. With all its features of maximum comfort, luxury and relaxation, an ideal bathroom defines the meaning of hedonism. If you are living a decadent lifestyle and want to give your house a touch of allure and grandeur, you should opt for consulting with a qualified and more experienced bathroom remodel designer who can give you a perfect guidance.
Bathroom Renovation
Bathroom Renovation
Rifling through the pages of a sleek magazine for modern bathroom renovations ideas may get you confused, and out of haste, you may take a reckless decision that has the potential of killing the conceived personality of your dream bathroom. To save you from bathroom design nightmare, here are top 5 mistakes you must avoid when redoing your existing bathroom design.

1.  Slippery and Dirty Flooring & Tiles

It is completely acceptable to forego the idea of installing riveting, shiny tiles in your bathroom. Such bathroom flooring makes your feet skid across the space and increases the slipperiness to a dangerous extent. What is more irritating is the fact that dirt and grime are always ready to dwell the grout existing between the tiles? This phenomenon invites disgust and diseases. To eliminate such occurrences, having glass veneer or waterproofed real-stone surface sounds like a great remedy. They come large in size showing little chance of grout lines that may encourage the growth of dirt, mildew and mold.

Popular bathroom renovation ideas take into account the approach of economy. Also normally available large tiles can be an affordable alternative since they have quite narrow grout lines, which avoids letting grime, dirt and other nasty stuff cling to bathroom tiles.
Modern Bathroom Designs
Modern Bathroom Designs
2.  Bold Wall Colors and Nuisance Wallpapers

If you have hired an expert bathroom designer, while discussing all significant upgrades and bathroom renovation ideas, he will explain how wallpapers somehow tarnish the beauty and aesthetics of overall look of your bathroom instead of accentuating its best parts. Wallpapers tend to peel off the bathroom walls over years because of the gradual effect of moisture and steam. Due to inherent wetness and humidity, wallpapers grow soggy and fall off. So avoid taking the risk of decorating the walls of your bathroom with exaggerated show of wallpapers. But you can paint the walls with amazing light colors or think of applying vinyl covering that resists moisture.

3.  Lack of Humidity Controllers

Humidity management done through exhaust mechanism is the best way to fight the slow development of muggy ambience inside your bathroom, which is also perfect for unwanted growth of germs and bacteria. One of the high-upgrade bathroom renovations ideas should have a focus on paying a good attention to keeping the entire space cool, hygienic and flawless. After all, you take shower or bath to feel fresh, rejuvenated and energetic again. Micro-organisms are easy to be found in wet, warm and slippery space and your bathroom can be infused with mold, mildew or other bacterial existence. To control the unnecessary humidity left behind by steam bath or warm shower, exhaust fan could be the best solution. Though it is not a major, heart winning upgrade for your bathroom remodel, it can effectively fight unexpected entrée of harmful micro-guests as well as protect your walls, paint and the surfaces of other essentials. Having old, whirring, loud, inefficient fans is no wisdom either. So if you still use them, think of replacing with newer and quieter ones that use less energy and allow bad air and steams to rush out of bathroom and prevent them from developing stink or sticky, wet feeling that you often experience when someone has just taken bath.
4.  Randomly Chosen Faucets

What many house owners often forget is that they go to a bath accessories store and pick any faucet that suits their eyes, not knowing whether it is going to appeal to their bathrooms. Their simplistic choices cost a lot later after the accessories are installed just to wrench at their heart. Don’t be random; in fact, considering bathroom remodel designer’s opinions and bathroom renovation ideas about basin faucets will give you a morale-boosting chance to improve the overall design elements of your bathroom. You must make sure faucets you choose not only match different interiors in color and impression, but they should also enhance the sense of hygiene. If that is the case, installing a sensor based faucets will help you remain touch-free while brushing teeth, washing face or even shaving.

5.  Struggle for Cleanliness

There are a lot of people who bemoan not being able to clean the hidden corners in their toilet no matter how hard they try to reach deep inside. To get rid of such excruciating struggle for cleanliness, one-piece model can prove to be one of the brilliant bathroom renovation ideas. Unlike traditional toilets with separate bowl and tank, one-piece offers good convenience you need to clean it thoroughly. Despite being a little costly, made from single piece of porcelain, it saves a lot of time you may have to spend scrubbing and sweating hard. With such toilet operated best with natural water pressure, you are sure you don’t have to deal with yuckiest parts yourself. Instead, you have a forceful jet of water that does the job of scrubbing the entire bowl and banish everything that comes in its way.
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