High End Kitchen Designers for The Ultimate in Luxurious Kitchens

Creating the ultimate drawing room is no longer the ‘dernier mot’ in luxury. High end luxury designer kitchen is the new trend that has taken interior designing to a new level. If budget is not a concern, then you can hire the best designer to handle kitchen makeovers or design one for you from scratch.
Factors to expect from the best in the business:
Designer kitchens from high end kitchen designers offer extreme customization such as:
  • Color coordinates and choices according to suit the theme
  • Matching appliances to go along with the style of the kitchen
  • Layout that takes into consideration everything from floor to ceiling to lighting
  • Selection of each part and supplier to assure ultimate in quality and custom components
  • Ease of use by giving ample space  
It goes without saying that if you are considering high end kitchen designs then your kitchen is large enough to allow flexibility in styling. Investing in high end kitchen designers is worth the cost when it comes to total styling.
  • The golden rule in styling is to have three walls fully covered with a center portion as the work space, around which family members can get together.  
  • You could shift working space to one end if you have a window with natural light.
  • Another option high end designer’s offer is to create an opening in the wall to enlarge the windows or to put in a door that leads to a patio, virtually bringing the outdoors into your kitchen along with lots of natural light.
  • Styling is also influenced by the color themes. If you opt for natural wood grain look, you may want classic, ornamental shelves, cupboards and cabinets as well as wood flooring or ceramic flooring with warm, earthy tones. If your choice is contemporary chic then you can choose many options such as steel gray and silver theme for cabinets and floor with one side or some sections highlighted by bright, contrasting colors such as lemon yellow or burgundy.
  • Angular looks or contoured finishes is another aspect of styling to harmonize the entire interior into a smooth aesthetic visual experience.
Kitchen Designers
Kitchen Designers
Although looks are important however, when you want to work, it should be a joy and pleasure to use your high end designer kitchen. A high end kitchen designer will naturally consider ergonomics as an important part of the creative concept.
  • Layout of kitchen components such as drawers, sliding doors and placement of countertops to facilitate ease of work
  • Height of the countertop designed to suit you whether you sit on a stool to work or stand.
  • Pre-visualize placement of various appliances as well as select the right vendor. Kitchens must allow smooth work flow. Cleanup and garbage disposal are also factored into ergonomics.
Luxurious Kitchens
Luxurious Kitchens
The blend of aesthetics and ergonomics adds to the value of your home. This is enhanced by further considerations:
  • Floor: Wooden flooring may impart rich and traditional texture to floors but they may not be always practical to install in a kitchen. Vitreous ceramics offer maximum flexibility in terms of color, texture and even patterns for an awesome look.
  • Lighting: Last but not least, lighting is what gives character and makes working in the kitchen a true pleasure. High end kitchen designers will use lighting fixtures creatively for spotlights, pools of bright light for working and overall lighting.
Your kitchen can come alive with the use of proper designing techniques under expert supervision and designing by high end kitchen designers.
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