5 Tips to Buy Quality Security Doors for Your Premises

If you do not install the best security door in your home or office, then it can break your safety and thieves and burglars can easily attack your properties. So it is necessary to install quality security doors in your home and you can find them online. But before placing your order, you need to check the materials and locking system of the security door previously. Apart from that, for the installation process of the security doors, you need to hire the company professionals and in this regards, you must consult with the manufacturer before purchasing the door.
Security Doors
Security Doors
5 Tips to Buy Security Doors:
  1. 1. The Material Matters
The first and foremost thing you need to pay attention to when buying security doors is what is the material used. Steel and aluminum are the two most popular materials for quality security doors.
  • Both have their pros and cons though. While steel is the strongest material available for security doors, it is not corrosion resistant. Aluminum on the other hand is corrosion-resistant.
  • However, when buying quality security doors made from aluminum, make sure they have a steel mesh that’s security compliant.
  • A lot of unscrupulous manufacturers are pushing aluminum doors without a steel mesh as security doors. They are not security doors and won’t give you the kind of protection that a security door does.
  1. 2. Check for Corrosion Resistance
Most high quality security doors come with powder coating for corrosion resistance. However, the quality of the coating technique matters. Usually, modern high-quality doors come with sand-blasting and zinc-priming, apart from powder coating. When you install these security doors in the exterior part of the house, it may be damaged during the winter and summer. So you need to choose the perfect materials which are water resistant and corrosion free. 
Security Door
Security Door
  1. 3. Locks and Handles Should be of High-quality
Locking system of the security door is very important and when you install the door, you need to check the locks and always install the branded locking system only. Quality security doors often use known brands. However, even if you don’t know the brand, check for the warranty on the locks and handles.
Good quality locks and handles come with sufficient warranty. Even more importantly, check how the locks are mounted on the security door. Quality security doors come with mortise locks, which are basically locks that are mounted on the inside of the door frame, or in a box.
  1. 4. Pay Attention to Hinges Too
Hinges are just important in security doors. You do not want an unsocial element to bend your door using a wrench or similar tool. Pin hinges are what quality security doors, unlike cheap security doors that come with butt hinges. Check for the quality of the hinges too. While aluminum doors can do with slightly lighter hinges since they are lightweight, security doors made of steel require very high-quality, sturdy hinges.
Quality Security Doors
Quality Security Doors
  1. 5. Choose Screens Wisely
Security doors come with gaps on the sides and the top and bottom. This is done to allow to heat expansion. During summers, when the door expands, manufacturers do not want the door to jam with the floor, and hence, become difficult to open. You could install screens to get rid of the gaps. There are different varieties of screens for quality security doors available in the market. These include privacy screens, pet mesh, fly screens, and others. The kind of screen you choose for your door depends on your individual purpose.
Now you can also opt for the decorative security doors and these products can easily match with your interior. Apart from that, you need to check the installation process and you have to incorporate with the best materials and locking system always.
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