Tips for Choosing Plantation Shutters for Home

There are umpteen models of plantation shutters available in the market. However, you need to pick the right one that adds to the look of your home and increase the resale value. It is not only important to select the right plantation shutters, but also it is crucial to install them properly to give a neat look to your place. Basically, poorly installed shutters will damage the entire appeal of a home. The homes installed with these shutters look pleasant from inside and rich from outside. Earlier, people use to install the shutter to protect their home interior from extreme weather conditions and animals, but today shutters are used to protect the swanky window glass from breakage and heavy winds. Now, people are able to protect the windows and add timeless look to the place by installing these shutters. In fact, more than a protective piece, these plantation shutters for home have become a decorative material.

Plantation Shutters
Plantation Shutters

Needless to say that, a home without shutter would be incomplete. However, here are a few tips you need to keep in mind while picking the plantation shutters for home.

  • Select the Right Size and Install Them Properly

It is hard to install the shutter in the homes that do not have ample places for them to fix it. For instance, if the windows are in the corner of the room or if two windows are constructed side by side, then it would be very difficult to install the shutters. It is important to have at least a half a width space between each window shutter to fix them rigidly and enhance the look. You need to first measure the window height to pick the shutters. Basically, choosing the shutters more or less than the window height, ruins the entire look of your home.

  • Pick Durable Shutter Hardware

You need to install the shutters rigidly by using high quality hardware. Many people fix the shutters just by fixing a screw or attaching them to the home sides. Though, these look great from a long distance, but when people look closer, it gives a shoddy look. You need to install the shutters using the right operable shutter hardware. In order to cover the hardware, you can paint them with the same color of your windows. Basically, shutter hardware comprises of two parts. One is shutter hinges and the other is shutter dogs. You can use shutter hinges to swing the shutter in either direction, whereas shutter dogs will hold the shutters when pulled up safely. These are available in a wide variety of designs and styles. It is fact that, the shutters with proper hardware looks more elegant compared to the shutters without hardware.

  • Various Shutter Styles

You can find the shutters in a gamut of styles in the market. There is style for each season. For instance, during blistering hot summer, you can install louvered shutter. This does not allow the sunlight to fall inside the room, but allows a little cool breeze. Likewise, you can install paneled shutters during biting cold season. This shutter avoids the ice, snow and frost to damage your window glass. These are cost-effective and are made of high quality of materials.

  • Shutter Materials

The shutters are made of different materials such as base wood, PVC, aluminum and poplar. Ideally, basswood is durable, sturdy, and requires less maintenance compared to the other shutter materials whereas poplar is hard and requires a lot of care. PVC is another shutter material that is easy to maintain, available in a wide variety of colors, last for a long time without getting broken and adds a modern look to the home, whereas aluminum is available in different colors, requires less maintenance, highly durable, and is perfect for both old and new homes.

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